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People Love Our Tall Socks

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Unitees has been creating fashion since the 90's. Most of the styles we offer are slightly left of center and creatively unique.

Our Tall Socks are no exception to our "Different but Cute" rule. Folks like them when they see them, but often ask, "Whatever will I wear those socks with"? We quickly pull out pictures of customers who have paired our Tall Socks with anything from a sweater dress with matching colors, to a pair of cut-off denim shorts in the Summer. Folk love wearing our tall socks on top of their jeans in the Fall & Winter. Sometimes they wear them scrunched down on top of their favorite boots. Sometimes they wear them pulled all the way up over a plain color pair of leggings. Sometimes they are worn with nothing at all... in those intimate moments. (Blushing)

However you choose to wear a pair of our Reversedye Thigh High Socks, have fun, be creative, and be you!

We welcome folk tagging us on social media showcasing the creative way you've paired our socks with your outfit. @shopUniTees.

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