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Now is the perfect time to Share Unitees with your friends

Unitees has been creating handmade apparel and Afrocentric Statement Tees since 1991. During our time creating and selling our apparel we have noticed a trend. For some reason, our customers do not like to share their source of the beautiful creations they have bought from Unitees with their friends. We have had countless encounters with

people at Festivals exclaiming "I FOUND YOU! I FOUND YOU!" "My best friend wears your clothes but refuses to tell me where she gets them".

While we appreciate the fact that folk don't want others in their circle looking and dressing like them, we do need everyone to help us grow our brand by sharing Unitees with your friends. We promise to continue making One-Of-A-Kind Fashion. There will always be differences between our pieces, so please help us grow our Brand by spreading the word about Unitees. Follow us on Social media @shopUnitees and on our website:

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